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Hot Selling for lexmark MS510/MS610 series

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Dear Alina,

Since Apex acquired Lexmark in Dec, 2016, the compatible lexmark items pricing increased greatly due to chip pricing increased a lot , especially such as T650 big cartridges, the price has risen more than one times.

After continuous development and testing for Lexmark series by our R&D department from begining of 2017, a full range of Lexmark toner cartridges have been able to produce normally, prices are very competitive too. Such as MS510/MX510, MS410/510/610, MX510/610, MX710/810 and other toner cartridges for Lexmark printers.

Here is more product information for your review, please feel free to contact us for details if you are interested in it.

We also released new Compatible Toner Cartridge for Lexmark MS317/417/517/617 with chip, it is the first factory which developed this model with chip in after market industry. Welcome to contact to us for more information.

Why Choose us??
1. Our Factory Experienced 7 years from 2009
2. 20 engineers for research and 15 quality inspectors
3. 10,000 square meters Area of the Factory
4. Experienced specialized in toner cartridge, ink cartridge for most popular models
5. Full range of Compatible/ Remanufactured Toner Cartridge and Inkjet Cartridges, Refill ink cartridge, CISS, Specail inks
6. Certifications: CE, Rohs, ISO9001, ISO14001, Reach
7. Professional Sales and Service Team
8. Competitive Price

For more information, You are welcome to visit our websites,

Thanks & Best Regards,

Sales Team
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